Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Afternoon?? LOL It has been very icy here! I actually got caught in it last night when I met a couple of my girlfriends (Hey Barb, Karen, Tonya!!!) for a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and then dinner at Applebee's! We had a great time but the trip home was very, very nerve wrecking!! LOL Anyway, here are a couple of 3 X 3 cards I made! I love watercoloring, it is one of my favorite techniques!! I also, just love these two stamp sets!! The first one is from Embrace Life and the second one is from Infinite Goodness (hostess level 2). I hope everyone has a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Very Nice!!

britta said...

wonderful little cards-well done!

Erin said...

love these 3x3s. i especially love the embrace life card thats such a pretty color combo for that set!

StampwithBernie said...

Such great layouts for both of these cards. They really grab my attention and give me some good ideas.
Bernie - SCS